Young man tragically died in A19 crash after losing control of car near Jarrow

A much-loved young man died after losing control of his car on the A19 and crashing into trees at the side of the road, an inquest has heard.

Dylan Timby tragically died at the scene of a crash that took place just off the A19 southbound near Jarrow at around 10.20pm on Saturday, April 17, 2021. An inquest into the death of the 26-year-old was held at the coroner’s court based at South Shields Town Hall on Thursday.

The inquest heard that Dylan, from Fencehouses, had driven a Ford Mondeo through the Tyne Tunnel and onto the A19 southbound where he reached a speed of around 87 to 90mph. He is then said to have lost control of the car when exiting a right-hand bend which led to the vehicle leaving the road and colliding with a bollard and trees.

Northumbria Police collision investigator, Shane Askew, told the court that one of the car’s tyres was a space saver tyre which was only meant for temporary use at a speed of 50mph. The tyre was understood to have been used for longer than it is intended purpose, and the tread was found by police to have worn down from 3mm to around 1.1mm.

PC Askew said the tyre was not able to cope with the bend at such a speed and that CCTV footage showed Dylan steering in the opposite direction in an attempt to correct its slide which “exacerbated the situation” and led to the crash.

“At the time the weather was clear and dry and there were no contaminants on the road surface that could have contributed to the collision,” PC Askew said.

“The Ford was fitted with a space saver tyre and this tyre carries a specialist 50mph speed restriction. [Mr Timby] travelled between 87-90mph prior to the collision occuring. It was travelling at an inappropriate speed for the tyre.”

He continued: “The primary cause of the collision was the manner of driving by Mr Timby who drove in excess of the capabilities of the space saver [tyre].”

Home Office pathologist, Dr Louise Mulcahy, carried out the post-mortem and said that there was no evidence that Dylan was under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances at the time. She said the cause of his death was “head and chest injuries”.

The inquest heard that paramedics from the North East Ambulance Service and Northumbria Police officers had received an initial call about the collision from a passerby at around 10.19pm and immediately responded but were unable to locate the crash site.

A second call about the crash came through to the ambulance service at 12.15am (midnight) on April 18 from another passerby who waited at the scene to flag ambulance crews down. The inquest heard that crews found Dylan dead at the scene and his Alsatian dog was found injured nearby.

Lucy Watson, a North East Ambulance Service paramedic on the Hazardous Area Response Team, said the crash site “was fully in the undergrowth, in the bushes. It was positioned to the left of the road sign”.

Dr Panaretos, a consultant neurosurgeon at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, said in his evidence that “the extent of [Mr Timby’s] injuries were unsurvivable even if ambulance crews had been there”.

The inquest heard that the driver and passenger of an Audi that had been driving in the vicinity of the collision were arrested during the Northumbria Police investigation but were found to have no involvement in the incident.

James Thompson, assistant coroner, concluded that Dylan Timby “died as a result of a road traffic collision”.

He found that Dylan lost control of the vehicle while “driving at excessive speed” and the “vehicle left the road and collided with trees”. He said that Dylan “suffered injuries which led to his death”.

“I find that Dylan died shortly after the collision and even a prompt rescue service arrival would not alter the outcome,” he said.

“The evidence that we have heard, that the space saver tyre being driven at excessive speed during a manoeuvre that it could not cope with led to the loss of control.”

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