Vicky Pattison shares results of highly emotional egg freezing journey in new video

Vicky Pattison is ‘super content with’ the results of her egg retrieval and freezing journey, taking to social media yesterday to inform followers.

The 35-year-old Wallsend-born celebrity initially opened up about her desires to preserve her eggs last year, citing how she wants to have children in the future, but only when she is ready to do so with fiancé Ercan Ramadan.

In an Instagram post last year, the former Geordie Shore star, wrote: “I wasn’t always so sure I wanted children.. I remember going on @loosewomen years ago, just after the jungle & saying that I didn’t think I wanted to be a mother- I was in my 20’s & woeful arrogant enough to think that I had everything figured out & I wouldn’t change my mind!

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“I think when you get older what you want out of life just naturally changes you know? The late nights & bar hopping didn’t do it for me anymore.. I wanted something more from life. So now I’m finally in a place where my heart wants to have children, my head knows it’s not necessarily the right moment for us & unfortunately my body doesn’t have the luxury of loads time…”

She continued: “So today I took my first step towards freezing my eggs. I think the only explanation I can give for waiting so long was because I was scared.

“And I think I thought that starting this process meant accepting that I probably wouldn’t be having children anytime soon- which even though I know is 110% the right thing for us & our relationship right now- was none the less a difficult pill to swallow.”

And after taking the steps to retrieve and freeze her eggs over the space of the last year, Vicky finally gave fans an update on her emotional journey and the results of which. Taking to Instagram once again, to inform her 5.3million followers, she wrote: “My Egg Retrieval Journey and Results..

“I realised last night when talking about the marks on my tummy that I’ve sort of left you lovely lot hanging a bit. I think because I went straight to Dubai after my retrieval & became consumed by hen party madness, then wedding venue viewings that sharing my results just sort of just fell to the wayside.

“So here goes: First up, f**k me what a wild ride that was. I absolutely would not recommend going on a hen do straight after the egg retrieval process btw- not only was my body all over the place but my hormones were just crazy- so many tears & even a little panic attack thrown in for good measure.

“I just felt so overwhelmed & emotional- like I wasn’t in control of myself at all. I’m so grateful I had my family & lovely friends around me though- otherwise I would have just been a mess. But there was just no way I was missing my best pals send off & it was still amazing- obviously I think just a week of R&R after something like that would probably be better for your body. But I mean, you all probably knew that already.

“Right, so results! As you know we drained 12 follicles & found 10 eggs, 9 of which were mature. We immediately decided on a 3/6 split & froze 3 eggs straight away. The remaining 6 eggs then went on to be fertilised by @ercan_ram’s ‘donation’ 4 of which were successfully turned into embryos & 3 of those withstood the blastocyst process.

“Meaning that we have 3 eggs & 3 embryos now safely stored away in the freezer should we need them. A result we are super content with & really grateful for.”

Vicky then added how she’s created a video diary to document the highs and lows of the process in its entirety, praising staff at ITV’s Lorraine Kelly show which she has been working with to bring a ‘super honest & authentic’ display of her journey.

She added: “I have created a video diary that really documents the highs & lows of this entire process & I’ve been working worth the lovely guys at @lorraine to create something super honest & authentic- & I can’t wait to share that with you all. My hope is that it will help women struggling with their own journeys & also encourage a little more understanding & compassion around the subject- as well as helping women realise their own options. So I’ll keep you posted on that!”

And Vicky’s friends and followers alike were quick to comment on the update itself, a number of whom leaving kind words for the brave celebrity who has opened up about her delayed journey to planned parenthood. One, wrote: “I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, even as a fella, it is so good to read your posts like this.

“They are raw and honest and show the ups and downs. The world would be a better place if we were all a bit more open. Thank you Vick and sending love.”

A second, added: “Sending you lots of love. You’re doing incredible. I have so much admiration and respect for you pure honesty and humility. In turn helps so many people in the same position. Keep being amazing,” while a third, continued: “Thank you for being so open about this angel.”

A fourth, continued: “Sending you the most massive love you gorgeous girl. So delighted for you both.”

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