TOWIE’s Bobby Norris rushed to hospital after ‘horror motorbike crash’

TOWIE star Bobby Norris has reportedly been rushed to hospital after being hit by a motorbike when he was crossing the road in London.

Bobby, 37, is said to have landed on his head during the horror accident, which left him in hospital with nasty injuries, after emergency services raced to the scene.

A source told The Sun: “Bobby was crossing the road when a motorbike came out of nowhere.

“He was sent flying up in the air and landed on his head after being driven straight into at speed.

“It was a shocking sight for those who were close by when it happened.

“Police arrived at the scene as did a paramedic on a bike who then called for an ambulance. He was quickly taken to UCLH hospital for tests.”

Bobby decided it was time to have all the fillers dissolved
TOWIE’s Bobby Norris was reportedly involved in a horror bike smash and rushed to hospital

Bobby is reported to have landed on his head after the motorbike smash into him as he crossed the road on London’s regent street at around 12.30pm on Wednesday, 1 November.

Prior to the accident, he had been recording a segment called ‘Bobby on the Street’ for his Fubar radio show at the time of the horror accident.

After landing on his head, the reality star was rushed off to undergo a CT scan and is awaiting the results of further tests.

OK! has contacted Bobby’s reps for comment.

Please check back regularly for the latest on this developing story as it is updated in real time here.
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