The North East serial thieves caught stealing booze, chocolate, charity boxes and tins of tuna

These thieves are no strangers to the docks as their shameless acts have landed them in the courts

These shameless thieves are no strangers to the courts as their light fingers keep seeing them returning to their old tricks.

From stealing charity boxes, to meat, booze, and even tuna, their crimes have landed them before the courts.

One prolific thief who has 390 convictions to his name was caught again – just two days after being released from prison.

A regular thief was up to his old tricks when he took a charity box from a shop despite being on a suspended sentence at the time. The box was recovered but the cash was missing.

Others have been banned from shops after becoming known by staff as shoplifters.

Here we round-up some of the thieves who have been in court in recent months.

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