Stacey Solomon works up a sweat in private gym she found covered in cobwebs

Stacey Solomon has been making the most of Pickle Cottage’s private gym after giving it a much-needed spring clean this Bank Holiday weekend.

The mum-of-five snuck in a quick stretch this morning, joined by the family pup.

In the clip shared to her Instagram Stories, Stacey showed herself sat on the gym floor with the doors open to let in the fresh air getting in a morning stretch before the day began.

In the clip she wrote that she was “feeling proud”, adding: “Got in here again this morning. Trying to stretch it out with Teddy outside was interesting”, with a laughing crying emoji.

Stacey, dressed in a grey hoodie and matching leggings, stroked the needy pup in between stretches as he tried his best to get her attention.

Stacey Solomon squeezed in a morning stretch

Stacey admitted she struggled as she returned to her home gym
Stacey admitted she struggled as she returned to her home gym

Stacey only revealed that their family home had a private gym on Bank Holiday Monday, comparing the cobwebby space to Mrs Haversham’s home.

Stacey said of the gym space: “It’s like Mrs Havesham’s house. Nothing has been used in here since Joe bought it. So I’m cleaning it all out. I’m going to try and use it every day. If I don’t for the next month then the whole lot is going to charity. Because it’s such a waste!

“I hate the gym tbh but I hate waste more so maybe this will be good for me.”

Joe bought the equipment from one of the families she was helping to declutter their homes on her BBC show Sort Your Life Out. However, Stacey revealed to her followers that he’s barely stepped foot inside it since.

“Mopping this bloody floor is the biggest work out this garage gym has ever seen. It’s f*****g filthy.”

Stacey filmed herself slipping into her gym gear
Stacey filmed herself slipping into her gym gear

Stacey Solomon's gym at Pickle Cottage
Stacey Solomon’s gym at Pickle Cottage

Clearly Stacey has kept to her word as she added: “Got the last bit of floor to mop then I’m going to try and come in here every morning before the kids wake.

“I honestly can’t let it go to waste anymore. I’d love to be able to stick to something like this but I’ll be honest life is hectic and I’ve never been able to before.”

Hopefully Stacey won’t be the only one making use of the gym, as last night’s I’m A Celebrity… South Africa saw Joe eliminated from the show after he went head-to-head with retired cricketer Phil Tufnell in the latest survival trial.

In his exit interview, Joe shared that he struggled being away from his family, as he said: “I think I found it tougher ultimately because of being away from the kids for so long.

“My kids are young and I knew they wouldn’t really understand where I was and would be upset. It really played on me. And being in the camp, it always brings up memories for me of Stacey.”

He continued: “If it wasn’t for the show, I would never have my family. My family were always in the front of my mind. I found that really difficult. A lot harder than I thought I would. But again I was really lucky as the people in camp kept my spirits high.”


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