SMS Charges - Text In Service

General terms and conditions of service for Durham Hits SMS Text in service.

Please read the below carefully. By using the Durham Hits Text in (SMS) service you are agreeing to these terms, for further clarification we recommend reaching out to your network provider for up-to-date information regarding exact charges however Durham Hits will attempt to keep this web page updated with the current charges to the best of our knowledge however we cannot be liable for any excess charges.

In order for your SMS / Text to work. Please ensure you send your message like this: DURHAM (SPACE) MESSAGE TO 66777

1.    Premium Rate Interactive Services:
Your messages should show as sent on your device however if you are any doubt you should check your mobile provider bill as they usually label this as a “Premium Service / Rate”. We are currently working on a way to reply directly to you so you know it has been sent. Any updates on this will be documented.

2.    Winning Prizes:
If you’ve won a prize with us, we will almost always talk to you by phone first – and will advise you of the process to redeem your prize. We will never contact you about a competition prize via social media, SMS or WhatsApp.

3.  What are Premium Interactive Services?
Premium Interactive services are those for which you are charged through your mobile phone or through online payment service providers such as Paypal. These services tend to cost more than a normal text message or online competition entry.

4.  How do I know if an Interactive Service is Premium?

Premium Interactive Services are accessed by sending a text from your mobile phone to a five-digit number called a shortcode, like Durham Hits’s on 66777. 

5.   What kind of Premium Interactive Services does Durham Hits provide?

Durham Hits uses Premium Interactive Services to enable listeners to enter competitions, For shout outs and lastly for Song Requests.

6.    Specific Costs for using Durham Hits Premium Interactive Service?
Durham Hits has provided the below Network specific costing information as a guide, if you are un-sure on the cost of texting Durham Hits you should reach out to your network provider to confirm an exact cost.

Asda Mobile: 15p per message (You need to enable access to shortcodes by calling Asda Mobile).

BT Mobile: 44p per message. (maximum charge)

EE Mobile: 44p per message. (maximum charge)

Giffgaff: 15p per message. (maximum charge)

ID Mobile: 15p per message. (maximum charge)

Lebara Mobile: 19p per message. (maximum charge)

Lycamobile: 44p per message. (maximum charge)

O2: 15p per message. (maximum charge)

Plusnet Mobile: Not currently supported.

Sky Mobile: 15p per message. (maximum charge)

SMARTY Mobile: Not currently supported.

Tesco Mobile: 15p per message. (maximum charge)

Three Mobile: 15p per message. (maximum charge)

Virgin Mobile: 15p per message. (maximum charge)

Vodafone: 35p per message. (maximum charge)

VOXI: 35p per message. (maximum charge)

7.    How do I contact your with issues surrounding your text in service or to gain more information?
If you have any questions relating to the above please email: ops.team@durhamhits.co.uk We aim to reply within 1 business day.

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