Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda reveals their 4 kids fly economy while couple go first class

Robbie Williams‘ wife Ayda Field has revealed their four kids fly economy while they sit in first class whenever they travel together.

Ayda, 44, and Robbie, 49, are parents to daughters Teddy, 11, and Coco, five, as well as sons Charlie, nine, and three year old Beau. Despite being worth millions, the famous couple, who tied the knot back in 2010, make their brood fly economy while they head to first class.

However, model Ayda has revealed there’s a reason behind this and it’s all about teaching their four children the value of money and how luxuries are earned not given.

Robbie Williams and wife Ayda
Ayda and Robbie’s children fly economy while the couple sit in first class

She explained that by sitting apart from their children, she and Robbie are encouraging them to learn that first class is a privilege which they are yet to earn.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, she said: “My kids fly economy whenever we fly. I turn left and they turn right. That’s terrible. I mean, people will think I’m such a d***.

“There’s no interest in raising brats. My kids will know [economy] is where they will sit in a plane until they can pay to put themselves in a different part of the plane.”

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field
Robbie and Ayda share four children

Ayda’s confession comes after Robbie’s Netflix documentary finally started streaming on 8 November. The four-part series, titled Robbie Williams, offers an intimate look into the life of the Rock DJ star, including his career and relationship with model Ayda, as well as his addiction struggles and past relationships.

Robbie admitted in the series that he actually “hates” touring, but continues to do it so he can provide for Ayda and their children as it gives him a “purpose”.

Speaking about touring, Robbie said: “I hate it. But it makes me feel happy knowing what I can provide for my kids and my wife,” he added. “It gives me purpose and I need purpose.”

Robbie’s successful music career has earned him millions over the years. The pop star and his family divide their time between their £17.5 million mansion in London and their £39 million Los Angeles home, complete with eight bedrooms, tennis courts, a fitness centre, a swimming pool and a spiral staircase.

Robbie Williams admits that he hates touring in his new Netflix documentary Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams admits that he hates touring in his new Netflix documentary Robbie Williams

The 49 year old star also described how difficult it was watching the new series, saying he had to pause or fast forward some footage as he found it too painful.

He confessed: “It was like watching a crash you were involved in, but in slo-mo. It was like enduring your mental illness at a very, very slow pace, over a very, very long time. And it’s a niche thing to experience, you know. There aren’t many support groups for it.”

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