Proposed Wallsend shop given go-ahead from councillors despite traffic objections

Controversial plans for a new shop in Wallsend have been given the go-ahead by councillors despite fears of traffic chaos and anti-social behaviour from neighbours.

A new “convenience store” has been approved for construction on vacant land to the west of Mackley Court in Wallsend which forms part of a recent Persimmon housing development. The proposal has proven controversial, dividing nearby neighbours.

At the time of publication, 21 objections and 18 supporting comments were logged on North Tyneside Council’s online planning platform. Several objectors claimed the development would make nearby roads less safe and were concerned about a possible rise in anti-social behaviour associated with a licensed shop.

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Resident Ben Reeve appeared before North Tyneside’s planning committee and said: “It seems the two developments are being represented as two different entities where in reality they are the catalyst of a traffic management disaster with residents suffering as a result

“The estate is full of families where children often play out in the street and around the site, I have previously voiced my safety concerns to the council and this subject. With the current levels of traffic, this is an accident to waiting, this has been constantly pointed out in residents’ objections.”

Mr Reeve also stated a bus which transports children with special educational needs to and from school often struggles to find parking in the area.

Mr Reeve continued: “It is well-known licensed premises have issues with handling anti-social behaviour, this is backed up by crime figures. A licensed premise has no place in a family estate”.

Mr Fraser Tinsley, acting on behalf of the proposals applicant, VB Benton, countered the claims.

Mr Tinsley told councillors the shop would be leased to a responsible and recognized retailer who would be equipped to deal with any issues that may arise from within the shop.

Mr Tinsley went on to remind the committee that the location of the store was no longer up for debate as, in principle, a commercial unit had already been approved as part of the wider Persimmon development.

The planning committee voted in favour of the shop unanimously.

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