Northumberland residents invited to have their say on proposed offshore wind farm

The public will get to have their say on a proposed offshore wind farm that is set to be built off the coast of Northumberland.

A public consultation event is taking place on Thursday evening, so that residents of Cambois and the surrounding areas can view plans and have their say about the proposed renewable energy project.

The Berwick Bank Project is being proposed by SSE Renewables, and it has the potential to power up to five million homes, delivering up to 4.1GW of clean renewable energy.

Part of the project will include a 180km long export cable being constructed, going from East Lothian in Scotland to Cambois. This is why residents are being given the chance to attend the consultation on Thursday from 1pm-7pm, at East Bedlington Community Centre.

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At this event, people will be able to ask any questions, meet the team who will be doing the work, and it also gives them access to any information that the team have on the project at this early stage.

The Head of Offshore Stakeholder Engagement at SSE Renewables, Gary Donlin, has spoken about the consultation, and why he believes that it is a great opportunity for both residents and staff.

“This is an excellent opportunity for local residents to come along and find out more about Berwick Bank and the proposed Cambois connection, whilst also giving members of the SSE Renewables team the chance to fully engage with and talk first hand to those who may have any possible questions at this stage.

“We are still very much in the development and pre-planning phase, but if approved, this could become a trailblazing offshore site at the forefront of delivering the country’s net zero agenda.

“South East Northumberland has seen a remarkable transformation in terms of industry over the last decade plus, and is a now key location for renewable energy. Therefore, we’re very keen for everyone living locally who can attend the consultation event to do so.”

The planning application is not expected to be submitted to Northumberland County Council until later this year, with SSE Renewables looking into other ways to engage with local people and help them find out more.

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