Mrs Hinch suffers ‘worst anxiety in a year’ amid ‘personal life stumbles’

Mrs Hinch has candidly opened up about her anxiety and “stomach shivers” in a new Instagram post, after sharing that she’s been going through some “life stumbles”.

The 33 year old Instagram influencer, who recently enjoyed a glam night out with BFF Stacey Solomon, took to her Stories on Tuesday evening to reveal she’d had the “worst day” with her anxiety and was heading to bed in the hope she’d wake up feeling better the following day.

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, reoposted a motivational quote and wrote alongside it: “For some reason today has been the worst day (anxiety wise) in well over a year”.

Sophie revealed that she stole her dress from Stacey after the top she was wearing broke
Sophie Hinchcliffe has opened up about her recent struggles on social media

The mum-of-two continued: “I’ve walked, I’ve talked, I’ve cried, I’ve written things down but it’s not helped me today. And now I’ve got the bloody stomach shivers as I call them.

“So I’m going to bed now and then hopefully I’ll wake up new and fresh tomorrow,” with a laughing face emoji.

Sophie’s 4.6 million followers flocked to support her, with some even messaging her to reveal they’d been feeling the same way.

She replied to two messages on her Stories, and told her followers: “I love you lot. I actually love you lot. Your messages are amazing.”

Mrs Hinch opened up about her anxiety and 'stomach shivers' in a candid Instagram post
Mrs Hinch opened up about her anxiety and ‘stomach shivers’ in a candid Instagram post

A fan messaged Sophie revealing she'd been feeling the same way
A fan messaged Sophie revealing she’d been feeling the same way

Sophie’s latest candid post comes after she took some time away from social media after going through some “stumbles” in her personal life.

The 33 year old then shared a “catch up” video with her fans, revealing both her father and grandmother had recently been in hospital.

She said: “So, my dad is in hospital at the moment. My dad has never been blessed, shall we say, with fantastic health, from his chest, his lungs, his heart. He’s always struggled.”

Sophie went on to say that her dad is “in very safe hands” in hospital, as she praised the “incredible” nurses taking care of him, as she said she’s “hoping” her dad will be home one day this week, as she said she “just wants him to be happy”.

Sophie fought back tears on a number of occasions
Sophie has been going through some ‘life stumbles’ over recent months

Sophie then revealed that her nan is also in hospital after “suffering a fall” as she said “knowing my nan, I know this will affect her quite a lot mentally”.

She said: “It’s just a worry isn’t it? Having loved ones in hospital – it’s just not nice. It’s a worry. It’s something that you just never want.”


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