Morpeth walker sets up project fuelled by his passion to get more people outdoors

A Morpeth native and keen walker has set up a project which has been fuelled by his passion for the outdoors.

David Steel has started ‘Plan Watch Walk’ to encourage people to appreciate nature and get some exercise at the same time.

David’s hobby has quickly grown into a multimedia project, with written content on his website, as well as videos of the walks that he goes on being uploaded to a YouTube channel.

As the name ‘Plan Watch Walk’ suggests, David’s idea consists of a three step plan for going on an outdoor walk, and the content that he creates makes these steps simple and accessible to everyone.

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The first step is to plan a walk, which involves choosing a location, planning a route and working out what supplies and equipment you will need to take.

Step number two is very useful for people that have never visited an area before, and this is where David’s video content comes into play. He currently has over 60 videos on his YouTube channel, with walkthroughs and tutorials, flyover videos and equipment reviews.

David Steel, on one of his walks for 'Plan Watch Walk'
David Steel, on one of his walks for ‘Plan Watch Walk’

The third step is a simple one, and that is to get outdoors and go on the walk, the part that David is so passionate about.

David has spoken about his passion for walking and the outdoors, as well as divulging on the ideas and motives behind ‘Plan Watch Walk’.

He said: “I have always enjoyed being outdoors, there is something about the fresh air that is just so relaxing. Walking outside is amazing for busting stress, and I often feel like I get a sort of sensory overload when I’m out there, it’s an incredible feeling.

“About a year ago I got back from working abroad for five plus years, and it was then that I came up with the idea for Plan Watch Walk. I wanted to turn an interest into a hobby and to motivate others by giving them everything in one place.

“I wanted to bring an all encompassing service to people, and to make it as easy as possible for them to get out and walk. The support so far has been amazing and I could not be more thankful for this.”

David Steel, on one of his walks for 'Plan Watch Walk'
David Steel, on one of his walks for ‘Plan Watch Walk’

‘Plan Watch Walk’ have partnerships in place with several big names in the outdoor recreation world, including Ordnance Survey, Go Outdoors and Craghoppers. These partnerships have provided David with the equipment that he needs to produce more content.

As he is based in Morpeth, the majority of David’s walks are North East-based, with others in the Lake District, and even a couple in Mallorca.

David went on to talk in a bit more detail about the services he is offering, as well as bringing up his future plans for the expansion of ‘Plan Watch Walk’.

He said: “As well as the maps, GPS and planning services, and the video content, I also have a fortnightly email circulation which I have named the outdoor catch up. This is useful as I can make sure that the content gets straight to people’s inbox if they sign up.

“Ultimately, if I can promote the North East’s incredible coastline and rural areas, then this will be a success. I just want to encourage people to get outdoors and go for a walk, because the benefits that I have received from doing this are huge.”

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