Meghan Markle steps out post-Coronation wearing new necklace that ‘protects your peace’

A few weeks ago we were all waiting for the answer to one big question surrounding King Charles’ Coronation: Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry be in attendance? Harry was but Meghan remained at home in California with their two young children. Just a few hours after the festivities came to a close, Meghan was pictured on a hike in the Montecito area.

Looking effortlessly cool in black leggings, a black vest and a neck scarf, the Duchess of Sussex seemed relaxed and happy. We also noticed she had a new piece of jewellery dangling from her neck: a gold pendant featuring a clear crystal.

We haven’t had to wait long to find out details of the necklace as LA-based jewellery brand Maya Brenner – whose pieces are also worn by the likes of Rihanna and Mandy Moore – reached out to let us know the details of Meghan’s new statement accessory. Named the Clarity Retreat Necklace, it retails for £445 here. Interestingly, the collaborator of this collection is Abigail Spencer – an actress who starred with Meghan on Suits. Since Abigail is a close friend of the Duchess, likely thanks to their time together on set, we imagine Meghan is showing support by wearing the necklace.

Meghan has been spotted out wearing a new necklace (exact design pictured right)
Meghan has been spotted out wearing a new necklace (exact design pictured right)

However, we do also have to wonder if the type of crystal she’s now wearing around her neck has a secondary function.

The brand explains that the clear quartz crystal is “regarded as the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet”, and is meant to help you manifest what you want in life and let go of anything that’s not working. In summary, it helps the wearer to protect their peace. We imagine the Coronation was a sore topic in the Windsor’s California household, so a necklace with such healing abilities might be a welcome addition this month.

Love Meghan’s necklace but looking for something at a slightly lower price point?

Shop Meghan-inspired crystal jewellery for less

Shop a Meghan-inspired crystal pendant for less
Shop a Meghan-inspired crystal pendant for less

Wolf & Badger Raw Rock Crystal Point Necklace, £45 here

If you want a similar-looking necklace with a clear crystal, we recommend shopping this one for £400 less.

Abbott Lyon Organic Moonstone Pendant, £79 here

Meghan-inspired but with a slightly different meaning, the moonstone crystal on this necklace is thought to be a talisman for fertility, love and protection.

Orelia Aquamarine Cage Pendant Necklace, £60 here

Legend says that aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids, and is thought to be most powerful as a meditation stone as it brings peace and serenity.


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