Meet the cats looking for loving homes in the North East after a difficult start in life

Rose, Rosie and Patch are just some of the adorable cats currently looking for their forever homes in the North East.

Each of these cats has been living in the care of Catcrackers, a cat rescue service which launched at the start of 2020. The non-profit group is made up of four volunteers, Deborah Haswell, Lucy Hall, Emma Craig and Paul Wilson, who dedicate their spare time to rescuing and caring for stray and unwanted cats.

The team and a number of fosterers then house the cats while they wait to find their forever home.

Deborah said: “I’ve always had cats and I’ve volunteered for a charity before but I knew that there wasn’t enough support for cats, especially given how many there is. We felt that it was needed and we wanted to make a difference, which I think we have.”

Since Catcrackers launched it is estimated to have helped 200 cats in and around Seaham, where it is based. Among those rescued is Rosie, who is still in the care of Catcrackers after a number of years.

Volunteers say that Rosie is so special she is just haunted by her past. She has spent time with a number of potential adopters but she is so scarred from it she is absolutely terrified of humans she does not know and has found it difficult to settle.

Another cat on the look out for a loving forever home is Patch who was so scared of humans that she got behind a cavity wall in the first couple of days in her foster home and hid in the wall for three weeks.

Taking on a pet is a big commitment, so it is important to do your research before adopting an animal. But for those who are able to commit to offering a pet a home can receive a lifetime of love in return.

Anyone who would like to rehome a cat should contact Catcrackers via their Facebook page here . People can also support Catcrackers by donating here or on their Amazon Wishlist here.

Meet the cats looking for loving homes after a difficult start in life.

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