McDonald’s set to axe five menu items this week, as brand new burger lands

While a number of new additions are set to grace the McDonald’s menu next week, it sadly means that a number of items have to be put on the back burner.

The fast food giant has announced that five seasonal favourites will be culled to make way for the new additions come Wednesday, May 10, including the highly exciting Spicy Big Tasty and seven other new products.

And while a boat load of new burgers, sides and desserts are inbound – lovers of items like the humble mozzarella dipper and show-stopping chicken Big Mac will be disheartened to hear that their favourites are among the dishes leaving.

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In total, the five items leaving menus of McDonald’s UK and Ireland are the chicken Big Mac, Steakhouse Stack, mozzarella dippers, Cadbury’s Creme Egg McFlurry and the Cadbury Caramel McFlurry too.

In return though, fans of the yellow arches can expect to see the return of the Big Tasty – both with and without bacon. Additionally, Maccies are adding a brand-new special version of the burger, in the Spicy Big Tasty.

The burger itself includes a hot jalapeno twist on the classic Big Tasty sauce, and is guaranteed to kick things up a notch.

Furthermore, chicken nugget fans can look forward to a limited-edition selection of brand new dips come Wednesday – with the Mega Hot Sauce dip and the highly-anticipated Garlic Mayo dip hitting McDonald’s diners, drive thru’s and deliveries alike. A Chipotle Mayo dip and a Creamy Ranch dip will follow on at the end of the month, May 31.

While one cheese-based product is leaving us, the fan-favourite Halloumi Fries will make a grand return – after Maccies bigwigs witnessed first hand their success during last summer’s debut.

Finally, those with a sweet tooth will be able to once again enjoy the brand-new Wispa and Wispa Gold McFlurry – just in time for the summer.

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