MAFS UK star Gemma Rose shares alcohol battle after drinking bottles of wine at 11am

Former Married At First Sight UK star Gemma Rose Barnes has opened up on her secret three-year battle with alcohol addiction, as she admitted she was drinking a bottle of wine at 11am at the height of her drinking.

The 31 year old mum of two was one of the more memorable characters from 2022’s Married at First Sight on E4.

She was paired with Matt Murray, but the union was doomed, and she was often seen making crass comments and becoming emotional as she struggled to bond with her husband of the matchmaking show.

Gemma has since admitted that she was in the midst of alcohol addiction during the show, which started in lockdown when she was at home with her two young sons, Ozzy, 11, and Cash, 5, which saw her drinking alcohol before lunchtime.

MAFS' Gemma Rose has opened up about her alcohol addiction
MAFS’ Gemma Rose has opened up about her alcohol addiction

She told The Sun: “Having all that time with them during Covid was brilliant. But it was airport rules in my house.

“I was drinking a bottle of Martini Asti at 11 o’clock in the morning. I thought I was having a fantastic time – don’t get me wrong – until I wasn’t.”

After her life became “unmanageable” Gemma joined a 12-step programme and is now sober and looking toward the future.

She shared that she “regrets” going on Married at First Sight, but that she went on because she viewed it as a “well-respected Danish experiment”.

Gemma was in a doomed marriage to Matt Murray on MAFS
Gemma was in a doomed marriage to Matt Murray on MAFS

The hairdresser said that she believed going on the show would be “almost like a little rehab, and a way to escape that lifestyle” but shared that there was plenty of alcohol available to the contestants.

Now she is sober, Gemma said that she is “in a much better place” and feels “a lot better,” whilst also getting her “passion” for life back.

She recently moved into a new home with her sons and revealed that she isn’t ready for dating because she “doesn’t want anyone in her space” and doesn’t want anyone to “mess me around or hurt me”.

Gemma was often left in tears on Married at First Sight, as her marriage to Matt Murray disintegrated in front of the cameras.

Now sober, Gemma is focusing on her two young sons
Now sober, Gemma is focusing on her two young sons

Matt was left feeling awkward on a number of occasions by Gemma’s sexual innuendos.

In one instance, the pair shared a drink after Matt proposed a toast to the pair enjoying the rest of their time on their honeymoon, as Gemma replied: “My f***y’s throbbing. Let’s consummate this marriage.”

Matt was left looking furious after the exchange as he put his drink down and had a grimace on his face.

He later kissed Whitney Hughes who was married to Duka Cav and, controversially, they recoupled and remained on the show as a new pair before later splitting.


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