MAFS’ Evelyn and Duncan go official with romance after getting Rupert’s blessing

After being followed by romance rumours for several weeks, Married At First Sight stars Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James have finally gone public with their relationship.

Evelyn, 27, and Duncan, 36, who both appeared on series 10 of the hit show, confirmed their romance in a new joint interview, where they said it felt “freeing” but “weird” to finally tell the world about their romantic relationship.

Beaming as she sat next to her new boyfriend, Evelyn happily told Australian outlet 9Entertainment: “This is Evelyn and Duncan’s hard launch. It feels good to finally just say it, and it feels kind of exhilarating in a weird, freeing way.”

Married at First Sight's Duncan and Evelyn have gone public with their romance
Married at First Sight’s Duncan and Evelyn have gone public with their romance

Evelyn and Duncan went on to reveal how their romance developed, with Duncan explaining how they “hung out a little bit more” than the rest of the cast as they both live in Sydney.

He admitted “one thing led to another”, before sweetly adding: “All of a sudden we went out on a couple of nights, and some of the warm fuzzy feelings happened in my stomach and I thought, ‘What’s this? How we going here?'”

Evelyn also revealed that she’d been given the “blessing” of her MAFS husband Rupert.

“We have been welcomed as a couple in the most positive way,” Evelyn said, while Duncan agreed Rupert has been “very supportive” of their romance.

The couple confirmed their romance in a new interview with Nine
The couple confirmed their romance in a new interview with Nine

During the show Evelyn was paired up with Rupert, and while the pair didn't work out romantically they appear to have become good friends
Evelyn was paired with Rupert on the show, but the pair ended up just being friends

Duncan, who was partnered with Alyssa Barmonde on the show, and Evelyn went on to share their excitement at no longer having to hide their relationship and “sneak” about.

News of the couple’s romance was shared on social media and MAFS fans were overjoyed, with many sharing supportive comments.

“Good for them. Much better suited as a couple,” one fan tweeted, while a second penned: “oh my, the best news ever. Loved the quality they both displayed on the show, wishing them the best.”

A third added: “Not surprised, a good match. Really happy for them and great to see Duncan smiling.”

Duncan discussed his marriage with Alyssa on a new interview
Duncan was paired with Alyssa but things didn’t work out

MAFS fans first noticed Evelyn and Duncan’s chemistry during the show’s ‘couple-swap week’, with many wondering if romance could blossom between them.

Once the show had finished, the pair were followed by romance rumours and even spotted on ‘dates’ with sources claiming they were “seeing each otheer”.


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