MAFS’ Adrienne reveals ‘real’ reason for Matt split – as his romance with Shona is confirmed

Married At First Sight star Adrienne Naylor has shared the ‘real’ reason her relationship with Matt Pilmoor didn’t work out, after he publicly revealed his romance with co-star Shona Manderson.

Adrienne, 27, married Matt, 29, on MAFS midway through the series, but their romance didn’t get off to the best start. Just a couple of days into their marriage, the new couple started to have problems, as viewers watched the pair fall out spectacularly during their honeymoon abroad.

Adrienne and Matt both appeared at the MAFS reunion, which recently aired on E4, where they sat down for one final chat with the experts – Paul C. Brunson, Charlene Douglas and Mel Schilling – about their marriage, revealing they’d split.

MAFS star Adrienne has opened up about her split from husband Matt
MAFS star Adrienne has opened up about her split from husband Matt

Adrienne has since given further insight into her and Matt’s break-up, revealing that it was actually a mutual decision to end things and she’d been left confused after Matt’s actions at the reunion.

“Matt and I’s relationship now is minimal, to say the least. The reunion was very, very difficult. After the experiment, I’d gone home to some devastating news basically…. And when I do try and be in my feelings it was like ‘well I’ve gone through hard times too’,” Adrienne told Cosmopolitan.

Speaking about seeing her former husband at the MAFS reunion, Adrienne said: “In the reunion there was a lot of negativity around the way that we finished but we ended things mutually, which is what I was so confused about…

“And then at the reunion it was like ‘I’m going to blame you for all of this’ and I was like ‘whoa. We ended this mutually’, like what? I was so confused.”

Matt Pilmoor and Adrienne Naylor
The couple parted ways after the E4 show

She went on to add that she was “trying to adapt back into normality” following the bad news she’d received back at home, and didn’t speak to Matt up until their wedding day aired on E4 in October.

Matt has since moved on with fellow MAFS star Shona Manderson, who wed Brad Skelly on the E4 show. Shona, 31, and Matt didn’t cross paths on MAFS as they entered the experiment at different times, but they went on to meet at the reunion and things quickly progressed between them.

Five weeks after their initial meeting, they went on their first date, and now, five months later, the pair are completely loved-up.

Shona Manderson and Matt Pilmoor
Matt has now moved on with fellow MAFS star Shona

Shona and Matt unveiled their romance exclusively to OK! on Thursday, 17 November after having to keep it under wraps.

Shona told us: “We have a really healthy, happy, safe, fun, relationship – I really appreciate Matt so much, it’s what I deserve, we deserve each other. I’m proud to be his girlfriend and it just works.”

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