Loose Women’s Jane Moore leaves Denise Welch ‘spooked’ with gift from family’s past

Jane Moore left Loose Women co-star Denise Welch emotional and slightly ‘spooked’ during Wednesday’s show, when she presented her with a gift that acted as a strong reminder of her family’s past.

While Loose Women’s Halloween special was on Wednesday, there was still talk of ‘scary’ coincidences a day later as Jane and Denise joined co-stars Kaye Adams and Kelle Bryan on the panel for the ITV programme’s third live episode of the week. After the first advert break, Kaye asked Jane to present something ‘special’ she’d brought onto the set, which was revealed to be an old sweet tin her mother kept photographs in.

Highlighting the fact it was adorned with the word Welch’s, Jane handed over to Denise to explain just how much the tin meant to her, with the ex Coronation Street and Waterloo Road actress telling her Loose Women colleagues that she was having a conversation with a friend about never having had ‘a sweet tooth’ until she gave up drinking, even though her grandad owned a confectionary business in the North East – John Welch’s of Whitley Bay.

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And then, in a very timely but weird coincidence, Denise received a text from Jane containing a picture of the Welch’s tin she’d found, explaining: “She said ‘I have been clearing out my mum’s loft and I’ve come across a photograph box and look at the tin that it’s in.'” Denise expanded: “It’s from my grandpa’s factory, probably in the 1950s and she said at some point I will give you the tin.”

Jane thinks that her mum lived in Jesmond for a period earlier in her life, which is how she came to have a Welch’s sweet tin, as Denise added: “I’m not a great believer in that kind of stuff…I went cold, because I don’t talk about my grandpa’s sweet factory on a daily basis and I was in the middle of that conversation and that got us talking about what is a coincidence and what makes you go ‘wow.’

“Because I’d also been getting upset about losing my dad; it’s still so hard for me to process that and then, this morning, Jane came in and said that her mum wanted me to have the tin.”

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