ITV I’m A Celebrity’s Danielle Harold brands campmate ‘out of control’ after just two days

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! star Danielle Harold has branded her campmate Fred Sirieix “out of control” after just two days in the jungle.

Her comments came after Fred, 51, spotted a blue lobster in the camp’s lagoon on Monday night’s episode, as all of the other celebrities ran over to see it swimming around.

In the Bush Telegraph, Danielle, 31, joked that Fred is “out of control” because he “wants to eat everything” that he finds in the jungle.

But she said that they had let the lobster, who she nicknamed “Lobby” carry on swimming.

Josie Gibson, 38, admitted that she wouldn’t want to swim in the lagoon now, having seen that there was a lobster in there.

ITV I'm A Celebrity's Danielle Harold branded campmate Fred 'out of control' after just two days
ITV I’m A Celebrity’s Danielle Harold branded campmate Fred ‘out of control’ after just two days

Earlier in the episode, Fred and Nigel Farage came to blows after they got onto the subject of Brexit, for which Nigel, 59, was responsible in the UK government.

Fred was keen to get to know what Nigel really thought of the UK leaving the European Union.

Fred asked Nigel: “What’s the benefit of Brexit then? If you are an average person from Britain, what’s the benefit?”

Fred pointed out a lobster in the camp's lagoon
Fred pointed out a lobster in the camp’s lagoon

Nigel, who was the leader of the Brexit Party from 2019 until 2021, said:To know that we’re independent, we stand on our own two feet in the world.”

Clearly unimpressed with his response, Fred then said: “Brexit was about immigration, I remember your poster. I thought it was shameful what you did Nigel. Shameful.”

Nigel attempted to defend himself against Fred and responded: “Sadly, sadly it was absolutely true. It was a poster showing mass young men moving illegally across borders.”

Angered, Fred said: “But it was about demonising migrants,” to which Nigel replied: “No it wasn’t. In your view it was, but it wasn’t.”

Fred went on to say that he believes the “average person” in the UK has “lost out” because of Brexit, while Nigel insisted they “haven’t lost out”.

The jungle campmates are getting on famously so far
The jungle campmates are getting on famously so far

In the Bush Telegraph, Nigel said he knew it “wouldn’t take long” for somebody to bring up politics. He said:“I knew it wouldn’t take long, I knew politics would rear its head as indeed it did. And Fred feels very strongly about it.”

Other campmates were keen not to chat about politics however, with Grace Dent saying in the Bush Telegraph: “I would 100% rather wash up than listen to another single word about Brexit. I was just like, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to go and put my head in that stream.’”

Elsewhere, Nigel opened up about what former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is really like, branding him “entertaining” and “disorganised”.

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