Eurovision 2023 semi final 1 branded ‘blood bath’ as fan favourites set to crash out

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will get going on Tuesday night with the first semi final of this year’s event and both bookies and fans are concerned that it could result in an early exit for some real favourites.

Since 2004, rather than just have its Saturday night grand finale, Eurovision has had semi finals, as more and more countries wanted to compete in the world famous event. This has caused a stir over the years, like in 2005, when Selma, a Eurovision icon and previous runner up failed to make it through, with a similar upset a year later involving Belgium’s Kate Ryan.

The semis have also been the thorn in the side of Eurovision darlings Ireland, with the one time prolific winners, failing to make the final for a number of years now.

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Irish hopes this year are pinned on Wild Youth and their track We Are Young, with them going in Eurovision semi final 1, alongside big favourites Sweden and Finland. The line-up also includes the likes of show opener Norway, Israel, Portugal, Serbia, Czechia and Croatia and, given that it is very much the stronger of the two semis, it looks like it could generate a bit of a shock result.

Eurovision semi final 1 odds

Sweden – 1/200

Finland — 1/200

Norway 1/100

Israel — 1/80

Czechia — 1/14

Moldova — 1/12

Serbia — 1/4

Switzerland — 4/9

Portugal — 1/2

Croatia — 1/2

Netherlands — 4/6

Malta — 2/1

Ireland — 7/2

Latvia — 7/2

Azerbaijan — 5/1

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