Emmerdale fans urge Charity to ‘wake up’ to Mack’s ‘red flag’ behaviour

Emmerdale fans were left more than a little frustrated on Wednesday as yet another day went by without Charity Dingle having discovered her husband Mackenzie Boyd’s baby secret.

As regular fans will know, Mackenzie’s secret son with Chloe Harris is currently fighting for his life in intensive care, after the newborn baby contracted bacterial meningitis.

Yet while there’s no denying Mack has been behaving oddly ever since he heard his son was sick, including violently lashing out at Dan Spencer for trying to be optimistic about baby Reuben, fans are still baffled as to how Charity hasn’t rumbled the secret yet.

Charity still seemed none the wiser to Mack's odd behaviour on Wednesday
Charity still seemed none the wiser to Mack’s odd behaviour on Wednesday

Many fans had hoped the secret would be uncovered on Wednesday’s episode, but other than calling Mack out for behaving like a drunken lout, Charity appeared to be none the wiser to the truth about her husband’s big secret.

“And why isn’t Charity even the tiniest bit suspicious of idiot Mack,” complained one fan on social media.

A second agreed adding: “Come on Charity, you know his behaviour isn’t normal and something’s going on!”

As Chloe remained at Reuben's side in hospital, Mackenzie began behaving weirdly back at home
As Chloe remained at Reuben’s side in hospital, Mackenzie began behaving weirdly back at home

A third fan then weighed in “Are we all accepting the theory Charity really knows about Mack being Reuben’s dad? Just wondering.”

“Oh for pity sake Charity…when Mack was slapping Dan did you not ask yourself one question…’Mack, why are you overly worried about Chloe’s baby…anyone would think you were the father’….then her jaw would have dropped along with the penny,” added another.

Throughout the episode, Mackenzie could be seen behaving erratically, with his mood frequently becoming more irritable as he tried to navigate the powerless nature of the situation.

Some fans are convinced Charity already knows Mack's secret
Some fans are convinced Charity already knows Mack’s secret

With his foul mood and volatile temper, several fans were perplexed as to why Charity hadn’t rumbled the truth behind the situation – or better yet, walked away from her new husband entirely.

“Wake up Charity! This is not a healthy relationship. He’s not even a good liar!” lamented one fan.

“Mack is throwing out more red flags than Bondi beach, she’s got to know already!” argued another.

“Walk away Charity. You deserve better,” concluded another fan.

Will Charity find out the truth? And can her relationship survive the revelation?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:30pm on ITV and ITVX.


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