Emmerdale fans have ‘worked out’ Gabby’s new romance if she splits from Nicky

Emmerdale fans are convinced that they’ve “worked out” a new romance for Gabby if she splits from Nicky – which looks like it could be imminent.

Gabby is convinced she and Nicky are in love – with the pair even engaged to be married – however, what she doesn’t yet know is that he is really just with her to dig out the secrets of Home Farm, on behalf of his father, Caleb Mulligan.

Caleb is after Kim Tate’s money, believing that it rightly belongs to him due to him being the son of Frank Tate, to whom Kim was married.

In true soap style, no secret stays a secret, and we can bet that Gabby is soon set to find out about her fiancé Nicky’s scheming, which could leave to explosive scenes and leave her single.

A recent episode saw Nicky appear to reveal that he has multiple siblings
Gabby is soon set to find out about Nicky’s true intentions

Meanwhile, there could be another breakup in the Dales on the cards, as Charity Dingle is set to find out about the fling between her new husband Mack and Chloe, which happened before Charity and Mack married, but resulted in a child.

Chloe gave birth to her and Mack’s son Reuben just hours before Charity and Mack got married, and after the child has suffered with a number of health issues, Mack and Chloe have been growing closer as he supports her.

Chloe was given more heartbreaking news about Reuben's condition on Tuesday
Mack has been supporting Chloe with their baby’s health issues

So far, Chloe and Mackenzie have been under the impression that the child is his
Chloe and Mackenzie have been hiding the fact Mackenzie is Reuben’s father

Fans are convinced that Charity’s discovery will leave Mack single – and think it could pave the way for a new romance between him and Gabby.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “How about Mack and Gabby? Who’s with me? My lord that poor girl needs a win already with a hot man.”

The show’s executive producer Jane Hudson has previously teased what is set to come in the soap when Charity discovers the fling between Mack and Chloe.

Charity could hardly believe what she had just seen as Mack punched Dan
Charity is soon set to find out about Mack and Chloe’s fling

“There’s Charity, Chloe and Mackenzie. We all know there’s a big secret that is due to come out which is he’s got a baby and it’s Chloe’s. So the question is when is it gonna come out? It is soon, very soon and there’s a big choice for Mack,” she said.

“Does he want to be a dad or does he want to be a husband, and can he be both or not? And how is Charity gonna respond? We know she is fiery… can Chloe remain in that village when that secret comes out?

“Because we know it’s not going to be nice with the wrath of the Dingles against her.”


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