Eddie Howe defends Jason ‘Mad Dog’ Tindall as viral Twitter account bashes Newcastle assistant

Eddie Howe has launched an impassioned defence of Jason Tindall after he became the latest Newcastle United member of staff to randomly achieve social media stardom.

After the bizarre success of Nick Pope on Twitter earlier this season, Howe‘s right-hand man is now going viral after a Twitter account dedicated to him blew up in recent days. The account called ‘Jason Tindall desperate to be centre of attention’ has attracted over 40,000 followers in just a matter of months.

The anonymous Twitter user seems to have a vendetta against Tindall, regularly posting photos and videos of the former Bournemouth boss shaking hands with opposition managers and appearing front and centre in Newcastle‘s now infamous dressing room photos, subsequently accusing him of seeking the limelight.

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“It’s a funny one. I’ve spent the last 30 minutes laughing with him about things he’s been sent,” Howe said on Friday.

“It’s crazy how social media can create these things. I’ve heard he gets called ‘Mad Dog’ and I’ve started calling him it too.”

Howe and Tindall were first team-mates at Bournemouth before taking the south coast outfit up the footballing pyramid together in their second spell at the club. The Newcastle boss says the reason he is happy for Tindall to be so vocal on the touchline is due to their long-standing, successful partnership since deciding to hang up their boots.

“To understand Jason’s role, you have to go back to where we started,” Howe added. “We started with no money, no real facilities and it was just the two of us together.

“You name it, we did it together. We’ve never changed that approach through that journey together.”

Tindall has earned the name ‘Mad Dog’ in recent months after gaining a reputation for being somewhat of a terrier on the St James’ Park touchline, regularly barking at the fourth official, linesman, members of the opposition bench or anyone who gets in his way.

Tindall’s penchant for getting in the ear of the officials has irked rivals, as Newcastle continue to harbour a reputation for time-wasting and ‘dark arts’ tactics. The added spotlight on Newcastle means the Magpies assistant has seen his profile rise along at the same speed as the club’s ascent up the table.

Howe, however, believes Tindall’s good looks may have added to the reason he gets so much camera time.

“He’s a good looking guy so when people take pictures of him he gives off a good smile. He’s an energetic personality and he’s more extrovert than I am.

“That’s why we work. At his core, he’s a serious coach and he wants the team to be successful.”


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