Ed Sheeran’s ‘dreadful’ gig led to ‘drinking ban’ before and during shows

Ed Sheeran has opened up about the “dreadful” gig which prompted him to quit drinking alcohol before his live shows.

The Thinking Out Loud singer, 32, explained how he used to drink tequila shots in between songs at his shows, which would make him “play longer” but after one particular gig, he decided he needed to give it up.

“They used to give me tequila shots in between the songs to get me to play longer,” dad of two Ed, who recently won a copyright lawsuit which alleged he copied parts of Marvin Gaye’s hit song Let’s Get It On, admitted.

Ed Sheeran has had to stop drinking alcohol before his shows
Ed Sheeran has had to stop drinking alcohol before his shows

Ed went on to recall an incident at a gig, saying: “I just remember hitting my loop pedal and it flipping over. And afterwards, there was a guy who was in A&R, a record label, that walked up and [said], ‘That was really dreadful.’”

He added to Apple Music: “I was like, ‘I’m never ever, ever drinking before stage again.’”

Elsewhere, Ed opened up about touring and being away from his two daughters, Lyra, two, and Jupiter, one, who she shares with wife Cherry Seaborn.

He admitted parenting is “tough” but outlined his plans to bring his two children on the road with him, saying: “I think it’s far more important to have two loving parents actively in your life than one absent one.”

Ed's grandmother inspired his hit song Nancy Mulligan
Ed admitted he used to do shots of tequila in between songs

Ed’s candid interview comes after he claimed he never received an invitation to perform at the King’s Coronation Concert on Sunday evening in London.

The singer expressed his desire to “set the record straight” after reports began circulating that he’d rejected the opportunity to perform before the newly crowned King and Queen.

Ed claimed that there was no offer from Buckingham Palace to turn down, and instead, he spent his Sunday evening as a guest judge on American Idol, as full-time judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie performed for the newly crowned head of state in the UK.

“Lots of people are saying to me how it’s random [Katy Perry and Lionel Richie] are going to sing at the King’s Coronation…” he told SiriusXM. “I want to clear something up actually.”

Ed and Cherry supported each other through Cherry's cancer diagnosis last year
He shares two children with wife Cherry

“No one ever asked me [to perform]. I assume if they went online and went ‘what’s Ed doing on May 6’ they would go ‘oh he’s playing in Dallas’ so I think that’s what’s happened.”

He continued: “I never ever turned it down. I wasn’t asked but yeah, I am excited to tune into that. Historic, isn’t it?”


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