Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman goes back to brunette after a brief stint as a blonde

Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman has returned to her signature brunette roots as she debuted her new chocolate brown hair colour during a casual stroll around London on Tuesday.

The actress, who played companion Clara Oswald in the sci-fi series, was known for her brunette locks during her time on Doctor Who, but had recently switched up her style in favour of a blonde tone for her stint in West End play titled Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons.

However, now her time in the two-person rom com has come to an end, it seems Jenna couldn’t wait to get back to her darker shade, as she headed out in London and stopped at Planet Organic with her new lighter brown colour.

Jenna was spotted wearing a tweed overcoat, grey jumper and black tailored trousers, with her face makeup free and her new brunette hair looking effortlessly tousled with big loose curls.

EXCLUSIVE: Jenna Coleman Pictured looking radiant as she shops at Planet Organic in North London.
Pictured: Jenna Coleman
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Jenna Coleman shows off her return to brown hair as she takes a walk in London

Jenna Coleman has swapped her new blonde hair for her signature brunette
Jenna Coleman has swapped her new blonde hair for her signature brunette

Jenna's hair was previously a much darker chocolate brown shade
Jenna’s hair was previously a much darker chocolate brown shade

Jenna had originally made the switch to blonde back in December when she arrived at the red carpet for One Woman Show with the bright blonde bob ahead of her own stint on the stage, which began in the new year.

Now that Lemons has come to a close, Jenna has officially returned to the dark side, although her new brunette colour isn’t quite as dark as her previous naturally raven locks.

Pre-blonde locks, Jenna’s hair was a super dark, glossy brunette with a few lighter sections around the front of her hair framing her face.

However, her new shade of brown is definitely on the cooler, lighter side, although still features the same lighter front sections to help boost her complexion.

Although going from blonde to dark brunette might seem easy, it’s not as straightforward as just putting a dark dye over the blonde areas, as this can actually lead to a slightly green-toned brunette as the brown mixes with the blonde.

To prevent ending up with a murky, dingy colour, opting for a lighter brown first, like Jenna has, is the safest route to get you to your desired hair colour.

Applying a cooler, lighter brown helps to fill in the blonde hair cuticles and stop the darker shade from mixing badly with the tones of your blonde hair.

Once you’ve filled in your blonde, you can then apply a darker shade over the top to get the dark shade you’re looking for.

It seems this may be the route Jenna is taking, as her lighter brunette is definitely a departure from her naturally dark hair – although it’s safe to say that she’s proving she suits just about any colour.


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