Carol McGiffin brands Loose Women ‘woke’ in savage swipe after ITV exit

TV personality Carol McGiffin has spoken out following her shock exit from Loose Women.

The 63-year-old finally broke her silence last week, explaining that she had to “step away” from the show after allegedly being asked to sign a contract which was “totally unjust”. The presenter made the comments during an appearance on GB News.

The Mirror Online reports the TV star said she no longer watches the hugely popular daytime show and claimed it’s become too “woke” for her.

While speaking to host Dan Wootton, Carol said: “Well put it this way, reading all the comments from the article at the weekend there are a lot of people who think the programme has gone very, very woke.”

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Dan replied: “I feel that as a viewer. I don’t watch any more.” Carol then admitted: “Well, neither do I. The whole of mainstream media is very, very woke.”

“You just don’t have to keep forcing this stuff down peoples’ throats, it’s not just ITV, the BBC is probably worse actually – and saying that, Channel 4 is probably the worst out of all of them. It’s not a place where I feel I fit in,” she added.

“And, even though, you should be having the debates and seeing a difference in opinion, in the typical woke ideals, you don’t really get it anymore you’re not allowed to say it and if you do, you either get censored or you get cancelled as many people have learnt to their cost.”

She added of ITV: “They come back and say we support free speech but I can’t see it, I can’t really see it – from where I’m sitting anyway.”

Carol then suggested: “I’m not sure whether or not that was the reason I was given the contract I was given.”

An ITV spokesperson said: “Any theories around Covid discussed by Carol on a platform outside of ITV would be her personal opinions, have not been broadcast as part of Loose Women and do not represent the views of ITV. Here at ITV we encourage free speech, but equally are fully committed to responsible broadcasting and adhering to the OfCom code.

“ITV will not comment on speculation around individual contracts. We understand that Carol has decided to leave Loose Women and we wish her well in any future projects.”

While a source told the Mirror: “From April 2021, HMRC made changes to off-payroll (IR35) legislation, which means the responsibility of assessing whether a role is employed or self-employed for tax purposes, now sits with all employers.

“ITV has updated its contracting policy in line with this HMRC legislation and communicated any contract changes to all those concerned. Assessments are done on a case-by-case basis and subject to on-going monitoring as circumstances and legislation evolve.”

It comes after Carol admitted she feels she has been forced to make a decision to step back from the programme due to the ‘unjust’ contract.

“The problem was, ITV were insisting, for the first time since I went back in 2018, that if I wanted to carry on doing the show, I would have to sign a contract that was totally unjust and unworkable for me, so I had to say ‘no thanks’, she told Best Magazine.

“I feel quite upset about it, if I’m honest, because although it is my decision, I felt like it was one I was being forced to make. No one in their right mind would have signed that contract. And I can’t see a way back from it,” she added.

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