Billie Shepherd labels husband Greg ‘pathetic’ after pair’s ‘biggest argument ever’

Billie and Greg Shepherd locked horns on this week’s episode of The Family Diaries as Greg planned to go to Amsterdam with his friends for his birthday.

The start of the episode saw Billie explaining the situation to her mum Suzie Wells as she said that she was under the impression that Greg had mentioned the trip in passing, to later see a WhatsApp group dedicated to the boy’s holiday on his phone as he and his pals had already started making arrangements.

They then came to blows in what Billie described as “one of the biggest arguments we’ve ever had”, with Greg then not coming home that night.

Later in the episode, the pair discuss their row as Greg admits he thought he’d got the green light to go from his wife of four years.

Billie Shepherd discussed the argument with her mum
Billie Shepherd wasn’t pleased to learn that Greg made the plans without consulting her

Billie, 33, later insisted that she didn’t, which left 38 year old Greg frustrated after he’d started to plan it all with his friends and book the flights.

Following the miscommunications, Billie and Greg ended up in another heated argument about it all.

“I didn’t actually give you an answer,” said Billie as Greg said he’d asked if he could go away.

“I thought, hold on a minute, I need to work it all out myself.”

“Would I not have been able to go then?” persisted Greg, as Billie said yes and pointed out that he could have been in Amsterdam at that moment, rather than arguing with her.

Billie went on: “I wish you just had a bit of respect and sat down–,” when Greg interjected.

Greg was under the impression Billie had greenlit his trip abroad
Greg was under the impression Billie had greenlit his trip abroad

“Can you just let me finish talking? You like the sound of your own voice too much,” Billie snapped back.

The mum-of-three then proceeded to tell Greg that they’re a family and that he’s “not a single person”.

In a bid to defend himself, Greg said he could have easily cancelled the flight if Billie said no as he insisted that he’d have explained all this if she gave him the chance to speak when they initially discussed it.

“That’s so pathetic,” she replied.

Angry Billie told her husband that "you like the sound of your own voice too much"
Angry Billie told her husband that “you like the sound of your own voice too much”

The married pair then experienced a frosty few days between them, but put their differences aside when Greg’s actual birthday came around.

A snippet of their row was shared on The Family Diaries’ Instagram page, sparking fans to weigh in on it all.

“I agree with Billie! She’s 100% right,” said one fan, as someone else said: “What’s the problem him going away with mates? I wouldn’t have a issue with it. U go… have fun.”

Elsewhere, others pointed out that it’s normal for couples to argue and applauded Billie and Greg for keeping things real.

In a VT Billie and Greg shared that while they argue sometimes they always kiss and make up before heading to bed
Family Diaries fans applauded the pair for keeping things real

One viewer said: “Normal couple husband and wife having a lovers tiff NORMAL even reality stars bicker , like me and my husband lol I still loves him though”.

“I love these two, no pretending marriage is all fun & happy all the time,” added another.

Echoing similar sentiments, someone else wrote: “I absolutely love your show and how real you both are can definitely relate to this one”.

The Family Diaries airs Wednesday nights at 9pm on ITVbe.


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