Big Brother nominations shocker as FOUR housemates up and unaware of double eviction

There has been a nominations bloodbath on Big Brother, with four housemates up for the chop and unaware that a double eviction is looming on Friday.

This week has been one full of twists and turns in the ITV Big Brother house and, after past housemates made an unexpected return for a Halloween themed task, Noki and Trish were chosen to place a ‘curse’ on three of their rivals, with them choosing to put Kerry, Dylan and Olivia up for a flash public vote, resulting in Kerry being given the boot in a brutal eviction without a crowd.

On Tuesday night, during the latest edition of Big Brother Late and Live, it was announced by host Will Best that, for the first time this series, Friday will see a double eviction, something that hasn’t been revealed to the housemates.

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Viewers saw them go into the Diary Room and cast their nominations once again during Wednesday night’s show, with the result being that Dylan, Noky, Trish and Paul face the public vote. Dylan received seven nominations from Henry, Noky, Chanelle, Matty, Jenkin, Yinrun and Trish. Noky received six nominations from Olivia, Jenkin, Dylan, Paul, Jordan and Tom. Trish received five nominations from Olivia, Chanelle, Dylan, Paul and Tom. Paul received four nominations from Noky, Henry, Yinrun and Trish.

Reacting to being up, Paul said: “I’ll get to see my girlfriend and my family. I knew it was coming, don’t worry,” with Dylan swiftly remarking: “I’ll be going,” before telling Paul: “You won’t be going anywhere.”

Voting for this week’s eviction opened on Wednesday night, exclusively via the Big Brother app, with viewers being asked to vote for the housemate they wish to evict from the house.

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