Ayda reveals drugs and vomit-filled first date with Robbie Williams – ‘He’s throwing up, he’s clucking’

Robbie Williams was in the grips of a drink and drugs relapse when he first took Ayda Field on a date – and ended up being sick and clucking like a chicken

It was like the universe opened up,” beams Ayda Field as she recalls the fateful but surprisingly unromantic night back in 2006 when she fell in love with Robbie Williams.

Mesmerised by this funny, beautiful “lifeforce”, Robbie felt the same. “I had this moment where I felt I’d known her forever,” he grins, before revealing how his demons almost ruined their budding romance, adding, “I guess I chose to ignore it.”

Sadly, Robbie – who was first diagnosed with depression in his early twenties – was in the grip of a terrifying drink and drugs relapse when he enjoyed his first date with Ayda out in Los Angeles. He had fallen off the wagon and was ingesting what he calls the “greatest hits” of drugs, including “prescribed speed, oxycontin, adderall, vicodin and morphine,” not to mention the rock ‘n’ roll drug of choice, cocaine.

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