Aldi shoppers say new £2.99 scented candles have ‘the most beautiful smell’

Aldi shoppers have said they “can’t resist” heading to their nearest branch to pick up some new products set to land in stores that “smell amazing”.

The supermarket showed off some of the new additions coming to its popular Specialbuys aisle this week in a video over on Instagram. The haul includes new additions to the retailer’s extensive garden range, with a £9.99 BBQ Cover and a set of £8.99 Faux Floral String Lights both featuring in the teaser clip.

But a scented selection of homeware set to arrive this week particularly caught the eye of shoppers, which includes wax melts and burner gift sets and outdoor candles. The new items come from Aldi’s popular Hotel Collection and Citronella ranges, which have earned rave reviews from shoppers in the past.

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Among the new range of Citronella outdoor candles are watermelon, orange and lemon scents priced at £2.99 each, which come in an eye-catching bowl made to look like a half of the featured fruit. Meanwhile, the Hotel Collection Wax Melts and Burner Gift Sets cost £4.99 and come in a cherry and amber or almond and macaroon scent.

Shoppers were keen to snap up the new Specialbuys, with one person writing in the comments section: “I was resisting very nicely until you showed those Citronella candles!” And Aldi replied: “They are a must!”

Another customer described the Hotel Collection’s almond and macaroon-scented products as “the most beautiful smell”, while someone else said the cherry and amber version “smells amazing”. While the new additions aren’t yet on the Aldi website, there are several other Hotel Collection products available online including candles and reed diffusers.

One of the most popular products from the collection is the Lime, Basil and Mandarin candle, which is available as a pack of three on the Aldi website for £10.47. Someone who bought them said: “This is a candle I recommend to everyone, perfect as a gift and smells the same as The Jo Malone Candle.”

High-end brand Jo Malone does indeed have a lime, basil and mandarin-scented candle available for a much pricier £55, so the Aldi version makes for a budget-friendly dupe. Another fan of them said: “These candles have a lovely fragrance, they smell expensive and they are larger than I expected for the price.”

However, the candles didn’t win everyone over, with a few shoppers leaving negative reviews because their wax appeared yellow instead of cream-coloured while couple of people also complained that they had to dig the wicks out of the wax in order to re-light the candles after their first use. But they received 4.4 stars out of five overall, with 85% of Aldi shoppers saying they would recommend them to a friend.


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