Aaron Chalmers ex Talia Oatway speaks of ‘brave’ son’s rare diagnosis and ‘long road ahead’

Talia Oatway this week shared a rare update on her son Oakley’s health, sharing pictures of her child following a split from former Geordie Shore favourite, Aaron Chalmers back in December.

35-year-old Aaron previously explained that his son had a ‘long hard road’ ahead through health issues, but didn’t go into specifics. But now, his ex-girlfriend has shared snaps of their little boy, explaining his rare diagnosis which is thought to occur in just 65,000 to 88,000 births.

Oakley has spent time in hospital since entering the world in August last year – with Talia telling how the tot was diagnosed with Apert Syndrome at birth.

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Speaking to her followers Talia said: “It has been the toughest 7 months of my entire life. I have been thrown into a medical world, with no forewarning, no time to prepare.

“Only now I feel like I’m coming to terms with everything, finally coping with how I’m feeling, embracing our new normal. This is my beautiful son Oakley Bleu, he was born with a rare genetic syndrome called Apert Syndrome.”

She then explained the condition, writing: “Apert Syndrome causes the premature fusion of sutures in the skull, causing a different head shape. Syndactyly – fusion of the bones in the hands & feet. Cleft of the hard palate causing difficulties with feed and speech.

“Choanal stenosis (narrowing of the airway) causing breathing difficulties. Apert Syndrome often causes a global developmental and learning delay. (Oakley sleeps on a vent mask and uses oxygen.).”

She finished up by praising her son’s bravery, strength and determination in the face of adversity, adding: “Oakley has a long road ahead, this is a lifelong journey and it isn’t going to be easy. But my boy, you have shown me how strong you are! You are brave and determined and I love you more than you’ll ever know. I hope that by sharing our journey I can raise awareness and support other medical families.

“I’m so proud of this boy, he has shown me nothing in this world matters but health and love. It has taken me a long time to get where I am but finally I’m starting to feel happy again. Son, you have two amazing brothers and an amazing big sister behind you.

“We have absolutely everything we need. Let’s do this.”

And a number of Talia’s celeb pals were quick to flock to the comments section to support the model with kind messages alike. Vicky Pattison, wrote: “God I had no idea… my heart breaks for this beautiful little family! Talia sounds so strong. Sending nothing but love, light and hope.”

Lauren Goodger, added: “Sending so much love bless his little heart so adorable,” while Lisa Snowdon, echoed: “So much love to you all. Little fighter with a gorgeous spirit.”

To give back to the hospital ward which has helped Talia and her family so much over the last year, the celebrity has in-turn set up a GoFundMe page to help ‘benefit the patients and their families spending time on Ward making their time in hospital more comfortable’.

Talia initially set a goal of £5,000, which has now been surpassed – with the total funds raised at the time of writing standing at £5,480.

You can read more about the fundraiser, here.

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